Princeton Friar Club 1933 Year Book

The Friar, Princeton, 1933.

ON THE evening of January 21st, in the year of grace 1892, a group of seven men joined heart and hand in solemn conclave within the walls of 21 Brown Hall, at Princeton Seminary. The cause of the club’s existence is inescapably and patently carnal. 22 Dickinson Street becomes, upon close examination, an heirloom of the flesh, or, of the belly.

We feel the need of an organization for the promotion of Christian fellowship, and the provision of good board, we are hereby united in a club called "The Friar Club."

In May, 1918, the Alumni assumed the responsibility for the inside of the club house as well as the exterior. Our crowning glory is the presence of a full set of dining-room chairs magnificently upholstered in red leather, bought by the club and the Alumni in the summer of 1932. In our present stage of development, the functionings of the Friars have assumed some little complexity. The offices have increased. Tradition has sprung up. There is a liturgy of initiation. There are specific duties for specific men.

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Names in this online transcription include Abbott, Adams, Ainley, Alberteyn, Alexander, Allen, Allison, Almond, Almy, Amerman, Anderson, Angus, Aoki, Arneal, Aston, Austin, Bailey, Baillie, Baird, Baker, Banks, Barnett, Baskerville, Bauman, Baurlein, Baxter, Bazata, Beale, Bean, Beatty, Beery, Bell, Beltman, Bensinger, Bergen, Berger, Berry, Bilkert, Biter, Blackwood, Blakely, Blocher, Boggs, Bossert, Bowlby, Brahams, Branch, Brasefield, Brearley, Brink, Brinkema, Broman, Brown, Browne, Bruggeman, Buck, Bulhulian, Burns, Burruss, Buschman, Bush, Butler, Buyer, Caldwell, Campbell, Cannen, Cannon, Carey, Carmichael, Cassady, Casselberry, Caughey, Cheigh, Cho, Christenson, Clark, Claudy, Cleeland, Cleland, Cobb, Coffman, Collins, Conditt, Conger, Conrow, Conser, Cooley, Corbin, Cost, Covington, Craven, Crouch, Cruikshank, Culp, Curry, Curtis, Darley, Dawson, Decke-cornill, Denlinger, Denney, Dewitt, Dickson, Dill, Dillener, Dixon, Dobson, Doty, Dudley, Duncan, Dunham, Dunlap, Dyett, Eckard, Edgar, Eells, Eisenberger, Elder, Ellis, Ely, Emmons, Erdman, Erickson, Ettlich, Euwer, Evans, Everett, Fairchild, Farber, Faries, Faucette, Ferguson, Field, Finney, Fleming, Flotten, Foote, Forgy, Forsythe, Frazer, Fretz, Frew, Fricke, Friend, Fuller, Fulmer, Fulton, Furst, Gage, Gale, Garrison, Gaston, Gehman, Geitner, Gerlinger, Giardina, Gibbons, Gieser, Gillis, Gilmour, Ginter, Good, Graham, Gregory, Grier, Griffith, Grigg, Grooh, Guss, Hall, Hallenbeck, Halloway, Hallquest, Hamilton, Hammill, Hammond, Han, Hanessian, Hangen, Hardy, Harnish, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Hathaway, Hawkins, Hayaschi, Haynes, Herrman, Hewitt, Highberger, Hill, Hittinger, Hoffman, Hollinger, Hood, Hoover, Hopper, Hornrighausen, Hort, Hosack, Hotchkiss, Howerton, Hunley, Hunt, Inoue, Isett, Iwasaki, Jamieson, Jamison, Jennings, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Kajiwara, Kato, Keen, Keith, Kennedy, Kerter, Kieffer, Kim, King, Kinsler, Kirts, Kleffman, Knappen, Knox, Kohler, Koontz, Kovacs, Kratz, Krug, Kuizenga, Kullmar, Laird, Larrick, Lasor, Lavens, Law, Lawrence, Lawson, Layman, Leach, Leber, Lee, Leitch, Lewis, Lime, Limerick, Lindquist, Lingle, Loetscher, Lohr, Lomas, Long, Lowrie, Lowry, Lulley, Lutz, Lybyer, Lytle, Lyuh, Maccarroll, Machemer, Mackenzie, Maclnnis, Macrae, Maier, Malan, Marousek, Martin, Mason, Matheson, Matthews, McAdoo, McAfee, McCahan, McCartney, McClain, McCleary, McClements, McClure, McComb, McConaughy, McCreery, McCuen, McDowell, McGill, McGregor, McKee, McKeener, McKnight, McLain, McLntire, McPherson, Meek, Meekhof, Meiring, Melcher, Mergler, Merrill, Meyer, Miller, Minnich, Mitchell, Moffatt, Mollenauer, Montgomery, Moore, Morita, Morledge, Morton, Mount, Mummert, Muyskens, Myers, Nesbitt, Ness, Newland, Newton, Nicholas, Noordewier, Odell, Ohkawa, Olewiler, Orwig, Osborne, Paist, Patton, Paul, Pellegrin, Pellow, Perold, Peters, Phillips, Porter, Potts, Powers, Press, Pressly, Preston, Pringle, Prins, Purdy, Radcliff, Rambo, Reed, Reeve, Reinecke, Remaly, Rendall, Rhea, Riddick, Robb, Roberts, Robinson, Rodgers, Rogers, Rose, Rowe, Rubingh, Rudy, Russell, Saunders, Sawtelle, Schnebley, Schofield, Schweitzer, Scott, Searight, Seeley, Semple, Sentelle, Shaffer, Sharp, Shaver, Shedd, Sheldon, Shelling, Shields, Shim, Shiroma, Shockey, Sholl, Shrum, Shultz, Sichterruani, Siksay, Simpson, Skala, Skelton, Smart, Smetanka, Smith, Snell, Snitcher, Snyder, Sobrepena, Sonne, Spencer, Spetnagle, Spriggs, Springer, Stabley, Steckel, Steelman, Stephens, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stuart, Stumpf, Sunday, Sutherland, Svoboda, Swaim, Tappan, Taylor, Templin, Thompson, Thomson, Tibas, Titt, Todd, Trull, Tucker, Tull, Underwood, Unger, Ure, Usner, Vanness, Vannote, Vantries, Vanzandt, Vernon, Viernes, Vos, Walker, Walton, Waltz, Ward, Warfield, Warford, Warren, Warsly, Watanabe, Watt, Weaver, Webb, Weeks, Weiskotten, Whallon, Whitenack, Willard, Williamson, Wilson, Wingert, Wold, Wolf, Wong, Woodfin, Woods, Workman, Wright, Yeaworth, Yeomans, Yeramian, Yerkes, Young, Yourd, Yun, Zentgraf, Zylstra.

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