Passengers from Ireland (1811)

By J. Dominick Hackett

Passenger Lists Published in "The Shamrock or Irish Chronicle," 1811. Extracted from The Journal of the American Irish Historical Society, Volume XXVIII, 1930. Includes ships Erin, Harvey Hide, Hannibal, Perseverance, Protection, Radius, Algernon, Westpoint, Jupiter, Orlando, Aeolus, Africa, Golconda, Alexandria, Patty, Mary, Belisarius, Huntress, Shamrock, Hibernia, Joseph and Phoebe, Rising State, Isaac, Juno, Ann, Fame, Maria Duplex, Protection, White Oak, Mariner, Harmony, and Raleigh.

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Names in this online transcription include Adams, Aiken, Aikens, Akin, Alchorn, Alcorn, Alexander, Alges, Alsop, Amberson, Anderson, Andrews, Androhan, Anthony, Arenner, Armitage, Armstrong, Arthur, Aslein, Atcheson, Atkins, Atkinson, Auld, Bacon, Bailey, Baimbrick, Ballah, Banecan, Barker, Barklie, Barney, Barns, Barr, Barron, Barry, Beatty, Bell, Bennet, Bennett, Best, Bird, Birk, Birns, Bishop, Black, Blair, Blake, Blany, Bleakly, Blythe, Bodd, Boggs, Bonnel, Booney, Bougherty, Bowen, Bowles, Boyd, Boyle, Bradley, Brady, Branigan, Bridge, Bridget, Brogan, Brown, Browne, Bryan, Bryans, Bryson, Buchanan, Buchanon, Buckley, Buden, Bulen, Bull, Bunham, Burk, Burnes, Burns, Caffray, Caldwell, Callaghan, Callihan, Calvin, Cambell, Camble, Campbell, Cane, Cannon, Carden, Carey, Carling, Carltin, Carney, Carolan, Carr, Carrall, Carrigan, Carse, Carson, Cartan, Carver, Casey, Cassely, Cassidy, Catherwood, Cavanagh, Ceyrin, Chaley, Charowell, Chestnut, Child, Christie, Clagher, Clark, Clary, Class, Cleland, Clement, Clothard, Coal, Cobine, Coborn, Cochlin, Cochran, Cochrane, Coil, Coin, Colin, Collins, Colvin, Conaghy, Concannon, Conden, Conn, Connel, Connelly, Connor, Conolly, Cook, Cooney, Cooper, Copeland, Corcoran, Corney, Corrins, Coslarger, Costagan, Couden, Coulter, Couples, Courtney, Cowser, Coyle, Craig, Crampsier, Cranfin, Crary, Crawford, Crocket, Crockett, Crone, Cronin, Crosier, Cross, Crossen, Crosson, Crothers, Crow, Crozier, Crummer, Cubbert, Culbert, Cullin, Cummings, Cunningham, Curragan, Current, Currie, Curry, Dail, Dander, Danwoody, Davidson, Davis, Davison, Daye, De Hart, Dealy, Deek, Delany, Denvant, Deolin, Derragh, Devan, Dever, Devilt, Devine, Devlin, Dick, Dickey, Dickson, Divin, Divine, Dixon, Doak, Dobbin, Dogherty, Doholy, Dolonson, Donaghey, Donaghy, Donald, Donaldson, Donell, Donnell, Donnelly, Doorish, Douglass, Dove, Doyle, Drain, Drake, Dreison, Duddy, Duffey, Duffy, Duncan, Dunn, Dunnahough, Durham, Dury, Duvas, Eakens, Eakins, Echard, Edmondson, Edwards, Egar, Elliot, Elliott, Emerson, English, Erraty, Espy, Evans, Evart, Ewart, Fair, Fanan, Fanen, Farland, Farley, Farren, Fee, Fendlay, Ferguson, Ferris, Ferry, Field, Fife, Finlay, Finnegan, Finney, Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick, Fitzsimmons, Fitzsimons, Flanagan, Flanery, Flanigan, Fleman, Flemming, Fletcher, Floughsby, Floyd, Flyn, Foaley, Fogerty, Folhall, Folly, Forcade, Forley, Forsyth, Foster, Fowey, Francis, Frasier, Freeborn, Freeland, Freeman, Froster, Fullam, Fullan, Fuller, Fulton, Funston, Furlong, Gaffin, Gallaugher, Gallen, Gallery, Gallivan, Gamble, Garvin, Gatt, Gelison, Gelston, Genagal, George, Gerighaty, Getty, Gibbons, Gibson, Gilbert, Giles, Gillaspie, Giller, Gillespie, Gilloe, Gilmer, Gilmour, Given, Givun, Glasgau, Glass, Glen, Glenfuld, Glinchy, Golley, Gordon, Gorman, Grabbin, Grady, Graham, Gray, Green, Gregory, Grendle, Grey, Griffeth, Griffin, Griffith, Grimes, Gruir, Guess, Guiy, Gunea, Gunn, Gurley, Gurry, Hagerty, Haggerty, Hales, Hall, Hallugan, Hamard, Hamill, Hamilton, Hanagan, Hanlan, Hannah, Hanshaw, Harding, Harkin, Harman, Harper, Harpur, Harris, Harrison, Harrold, Harshaw, Hartley, Harver, Harvey, Hasby, Haskett, Haslam, Hasting, Haughey, Hawthorn, Hayson, Hazleton, Hearn, Hector, Hemphill, Henderson, Henrietta, Henry, Heran, Herker, Heson, Hetherton, Hickings, Hilton, Hinds, Hodgsdon, Hodgson, Holland, Horan, Huges, Hughes, Hun, Hunter, Hurley, Hutchin, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutton, Irvine, Irwine, Jack, Jackson, Jameson, Jamison, Janga, Jaren, Jeffrys, Jenkinson, Johnson, Johnston, Jolly, Jones, Justin, Kain, Kane, Keally, Keane, Kearceay, Kearney, Kearns, Kearny, Keating, Keenan, Kell, Kelley, Kelly, Kench, Kenmaer, Kennedy, Kenney, Kent, Ker, Kerr, Kerwan, Ketly, Kevenagh, Key, Kill, Killy, Kinch, King, Kirby, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kirr, Knox, Lacy, Lamb, Lambert, Lane, Langer, Lanigan, Laplin, Lapsy, Larkie, Larkin, Laverty, Law, Lawler, Leaky, Leary, Leman, Lemman, Lenon, Leonard, Leviston, Lictson, Lindsay, Linnen, Lister, Liston, Little, Lockat, Lockery, Logan, Logue, Long, Loughead, Love, Lowry, Lucas, Luke, Lurkie, Lynch, Lynn, Lyons, MacAllisted, MacAlpin, MacAlvin, MacAnnulty, MacAnorney, MacArthur, MacAskin, MacAtter, MacAttur, MacBride, MacBrien, MacBrine, MacBurney, MacCabe, MacCafferty, MacCaghy, MacCaird, MacCammer, MacCance, MacCane, MacCartney, MacCarton, MacCaughall, MacCaughan, MacCawlley, MacClane, MacClean, MacClenaghan, MacClogin, MacCloskey, MacCloy, MacClure, MacColley, MacComb, MacConaghy, MacConley, MacConnaghy, MacConnell, MacConstand, MacConway, MacCormick, MacCosker, MacCoskery, MacCoun, MacCousland, MacCoy, MacCracken, MacCready, MacCrecan, MacCreery, MacCue, MacCullaugh, MacCulloch, MacCullough, MacCully, MacCune, MacCurdy, MacCurry, MacCurtney, MacDermot, MacDevitt, MacDonald, MacDonnell, MacDowl, MacEliver, MacElkeney, MacElroy, MacElwin, MacElwrath, MacEver, MacEvory, MacEwen, MacFaddin, MacFade, MacFaden, MacFall, MacFarland, MacFaul, MacFeely, MacGanty, MacGaughrin, MacGaw, MacGellaghan, MacGill, MacGinley, MacGinness, MacGinnis, MacGleeve, MacGlonan, MacGohey, MacGowan, MacGrath, MacGrave, MacGreedy, MacGuinness, MacGuire, MacGurrah, MacHolland, MacIldoon, MacIlroy, MacIndoo, MacIntire, MacKagh, MacKardy, MacKay, MacKee, MacKelery, MacKenney, MacKenny, MacKenzie, MacKever, MacKey, MacKinlay, MacKinney, MacKnight, MacKnott, MacKosker, MacLanna, MacLary, MacLaughlin, MacLeon, MacLoran, MacLorten, MacMagan, MacMahan, MacMahin, MacMahon, MacMalin, MacMally, MacMannyman, MacManus, MacMenamy, MacMennamy, MacMennomy, MacMinimim, MacMullan, MacMullen, MacMurray, MacMurrey, MacMurry, MacNeal, MacNeill, MacNeilly, MacNought, MacPeak, MacPharland, MacQuaid, MacQuillan, MacShane, MacSleeve, MacTogert, MacVay, MacVeagh, MacWhatey, MacWhaty, MacWherter, Madden, Maffett, Magell, Mages, Magis, Maguinis, Mahaffy, Maharg, Maitland, Malcomson, Maloney, Malowney, Malvin, Manely, Maney, Manly, Mansfield, Manson, Mark, Marks, Maron, Marshall, Marthewsoin, Martin, Masterson, Mathew, Mathews, Maxwell, Maze, Meckin, Meeghan, Meehan, Menieur, Mention, Metchon, Michel, Miinetes, Miligan, Miller, Mills, Moffit, Molineau, Mollin, Mollony, Monegan, Monoghan, Montgomery, Moore, Moorhead, Moran, Morgan, Morran, Morrison, Morron, Morrow, Mubrea, Mulden, Mulholland, Mullay, Mulony, Munn, Murdock, Murdough, Murphy, Murry, Murtagh, Nailor, Nanson, Neall, Needham, Neil, Neilson, Nelson, Newan, Nicholas, Nixon, Norris, O'Brien, O'Donnell, O'Neal, O'Neill, O'Ray, Orr, Owens, Owins, Paine, Park, Parker, Patrick, Patterson, Patton, Paul, Peadon, Pepper, Perry, Phelan, Philar, Phillips, Philson, Piden, Pierce, Pierson, Pigott, Pinkerton, Piper, Platt, Plaus, Pollock, Pooler, Porter, Potts, Preston, Quail, Quale, Quigley, Quin, Quinn, Rafferty, Ranighan, Rankin, Raulstone, Ray, Rea, Reed, Reid, Reilly, Rein, Reynolds, Rhea, Rian, Rice, Rigan, Riley, Ritchie, Roark, Roberts, Robeson, Robinson, Robison, Robston, Rochford, Rock, Rodder, Rodgers, Rogers, Rorke, Ross, Roulstone, Rudder, Russel, Russell, Rutherford, Ryan, Ryers, Sadler, Sanders, Scanlon, Scott, Scully, Seave, See, Seed, Seeman, Service, Sewere, Shaw, Shawkling, Shee, Shepherd, Sherlock, Sherran, Shields, Shinluig, Sieven, Simon, Simpson, Sinclaire, Sinnot, Sinton, Size, Slattery, Sleeman, Sloan, Sloane, Smiley, Smith, Smyth, Spiers, Spratt, Sproul, Stanhope, Stanley, Stark, Starr, Stean, Steel, Stephans, Stephanson, Sterling, Stevenson, Stewart, Stirling, Stockdale, Stout, Strong, Sutliff, Sutton, Swan, Sweeney, Sweeny, Swenny, Syllyman, Tagart, Tate, Taylor, Teas, Tetterton, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Thorne, Timmory, Timons, Tonner, Toole, Torrers, Tracy, Traner, Trevar, Trimble, Triven, Tuckerbury, Turkenton, Turner, Tweedy, Vale, Vance, Vimmo, Virtue, Waddel, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Walsh, Wamb, Ward, Wardlaw, Warren, Wason, Waters, Watson, Watt, Wattsher, Weapher, Welsh, Weltch, West, Wharton, White, Wilkins, Williams, Williamson, Willikin, Willis, Wilson, Winters, Wishat, Witherington, Withers, Wogan, Woods, Wright, Wylie, Young.

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