Connecticut Military and Civil History During the War of 1861-65 (Incomplete)

The Military and Civil History of Connecticut During the War of 1861-65. Comprising a Detailed Account of The Various Regiments and Batteries.

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Names in this online transcription include Abbot, Abbott, Abell, Ackerman, Adams, Alaby, Aldrich, Allen, Allyn, Ames, Andrews, Andrus, Angelist, Arnold, Atwater, Atwell, Austin, Avery, Babcock, Baggs, Baierie, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Banning, Barber, Barnard, Barnes, Barre, Barry, Bartholomew, Bartlett, Barton, Bates, Beach, Beardsley, Beardsly, Beckett, Belchmer, Belden, Bell, Bemus, Benedict, Benham, Bennett, Benson, Bently, Benton, Bethka, Beyer, Bidwell, Billington, Bing, Bingham, Birch, Birge, Bissell, Black, Blair, Blake, Blakeslee, Blenel, Bliss, Bodge, Bohan, Bomer, Bond, Booth, Bordaux, Bosworth, Bottomly, Bouisee, Bowen, Bowers, Bowker, Boyle, Bradbury, Bradford, Bradley, Brady, Brainard, Brandt, Brannon, Breed, Brewster, Bridgewater, Briggs, Briker, Brinton, Brodderick, Bromley, Bronson, Brooks, Brower, Brown, Brysen, Bueil, Bulkley, Bunnell, Bunting, Burchard, Burdick, Burgess, Burke, Burley, Burlingame, Burns, Burrows, Burton, Bush, Butler, Button, Byers, Byxbee, Cain, Calkins, Card, Carey, Carlin, Carney, Carr, Carrington, Carter, Case, Castle, Chadwick, Chamberlain, Charbouel, Chatfield, Checkin, Cheney, Child, Claffee, Clark, Claxton, Cobbe, Cobrin, Cockfer, Coen, Coffing, Cogswell, Colbert, Coley, Collamore, Collett, Collins, Colrin, Comstock, Connely, Conner, Conway, Cook, Corey, Corsa, Cotton, Couch, Covert, Coville, Coxall, Coyle, Coyne, Crabtree, Crandall, Crofut, Crosby, Crowley, Cruise, Crusius, Cunningham, Cutts, Daboll, Dagle, Daidson, Dailey, Daley, Darley, Davis, Davrix, Dawley, Day, Dayton, Deary, Debouge, Delpt, Deming, Dempsey, Dewitt, Dickson, Dikeman, Dillon, Dimon, Dixon, Doane, Donahue, Donovan, Doolittle, Dorman, Downes, Downey, Doyle, Drake, Drassendoffer, Driscoll, Dubois, Duncan, Dunn, Dupoy, Dutton, Eagan, Eaton, Eby, Edmonds, Edwards, Elderkin, Eldredge, Ellis, Ellsworth, Elmore, Ely, English, Ennes, Ennis, Evans, Fagan, Fairchild, Fanning, Felch, Fenton, Ferris, Ferry, Fibbs, Fillburn, Finken, Finkle, Fitzgerald, Flamandez, Flannigan, Fox, Frazier, Freeman, Frieldson, Frisbey, Fritz, Frost, Fry, Fuller, Funt, Furnace, Gage, Gahagan, Gallagher, Galligan, Galvin, Gangloff, Gates, Gavegen, Gavine, Geary, Gerald, Gerbiz, Gerrish, Gerry, Gibbons, Gilbert, Gill, Gilnes, Ginder, Gladding, Glissman, Gob, Goddard, Goff, Goodell, Goodrich, Goodyear, Gore, Gorton, Gosley, Grace, Graham, Gray, Greeley, Green, Greene, Gridley, Griffin, Griffith, Griswold, Grogan, Grummon, Gunn, Gussman, Guy, Hackett, Haines, Hall, Hallaner, Haller, Hammond, Hanford, Harland, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Hartigan, Harvey, Hausserman, Haverty, Hawley, Hawthorne, Hayes, Hayward, Healy, Heaton, Held, Helling, Henderson, Henninger, Henry, Hesse, Hesserick, Hevne, Hewitt, Heyne, Hickox, Higgins, Hill, Hills, Hillyer, Hoar, Hodge, Holler, Hollidi, Hollister, Holmes, Hopper, Horton, Howard, Howland, Hoye, Hoyt, Hubbard, Hudson, Hughes, Hull, Hunter, Huntington, Hussey, Ingalls, Irvine, Ives, Jacklin, James, Jeffry, Jerome, Jewess, Johnson, Jones, Judah, Judson, Kain, Kay, Keach, Kearney, Keaveney, Keegan, Keenan, Kehoe, Keith, Kelleher, Kelly, Kelterer, Kennedey, Kerley, Ketchum, Keyes, Kilgrariff, Kimball, Kimberly, Kinne, Kirsten, Knight, Knowles, Kreitling, Krome, Lacey, Lackey, Lacoursiere, Lake, Landers, Lane, Lanergan, Langworth, Larkins, Lathrop, Lauffin, Lawler, Lawrence, Lee, Leggett, Lenthard, Leroy, Lewis, Linton, Litchfield, Livermore, Logan, Lomberti, Long, Loomis, Lord, Lynch, Lyon, Mack, Mackenzie, Madden, Magee, Maher, Mahoney, Main, Malone, Mann, Manning, Mansfield, Marlow, Marsh, Martin, Maschmeyer, Mason, Matthews, Mayer, McAlloon, McCall, McCann, McCarthy, McChine, McClune, McCluskey, McCormick, McDonald, McEwen, McFarland, McGrath, McGuiness, McGuire, McIntosh, McIntro, McKenna, McKenzee, McKinney, McLaughlin, McMahone, McPherson, McSorley, McTague, Meany, Medemach, Meldrum, Mercier, Meredith, Merrill, Messier, Mildoon, Millard, Miller, Mills, Milner, Minahan, Minor, Mitchell, Molloy, Moningham, Mooney, Moore, Morehouse, Morey, Morgan, Morr, Morris, Morrison, Morrissey, Morse, Moses, Mower, Mulvey, Murphy, Neale, Neff, Newcomb, Newton, Nichols, Nighting, Noble, Nodine, Nodnie, Nye, O'Berne, O'Brien, O'Burns, O'Conner, O'Donnell, O'Neil, Ostrum, Otis, Palmer, Parker, Parkerson, Parkhurst, Patchen, Patterson, Payne, Pearson, Peck, Pelton, Pember, Perkins, Peterson, Phalen, Phelan, Phelps, Phillips, Picker, Pierce, Pierson, Post, Potter, Pound, Pratt, Prime, Prindle, Puffer, Quinn, Quintal, Randall, Raymond, Recoir, Reeves, Reynolds, Rhatigan, Rice, Richards, Richmond, Riley, Ringe, Ripley, Robbins, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rockwell, Rogers, Rolland, Rood, Root, Rose, Ross, Rouse, Rowe, Rowley, Royce, Russell, Rust, Ryan, Sage, Sanford, Saunders, Saxton, Schofield, Scofield, Scott, Scoville, Scribner, Scully, Seamans, Sedgwick, Seeley, Seely, Sessions, Sexton, Seymour, Shaler, Shaughness, Shaw, Shelton, Shepard, Sherren, Shuenter, Shultz, Simonds, Simons, Simpson, Slawson, Smalley, Smith, Soby, Southergill, Spellesay, Spencer, Sperry, Spires, Squires, Stacey, Stafford, Star, Stark, Starr, Stedman, Steinwehr, Sterling, Stevens, Stinell, Stoddard, Stokes, Stone, Stowe, Strickland, Strong, Sturgess, Sullivan, Sumner, Sutter, Sweet, Tackett, Talcot, Tallmadge, Talmadge, Talmage, Tappan, Taylor, Tencellent, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Thorn, Tifft, Tillotson, Tobin, Todd, Tolles, Tompkins, Totten, Toutellotte, Tracy, Trask, Trent, Tschumme, Tuller, Tuttle, Tyghe, Tyler, Upson, Upton, Vaille, Valentine, Vananken, Vibert, Victory, Vinton, Volkman, Wadhams, Wait, Walch, Waldron, Walker, Walsh, Waltermire, Ward, Warner, Waterman, Watermine, Waters, Weeks, Weldon, Wells, Welton, Werner, Wessells, Westbrook, Westover, Wheeler, Whitaker, White, Whittlesey, Wilcox, Wildman, Willard, Williams, Wilson, Wolcott, Wood, Woodford, Woodhead, Woods, Wooster, Wright, Wyant, Yemmons.

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