On-Premise Access

Genealogy Today Subscription Data

For libraries (or genealogical societies) that would like to provide their patrons (or members) with access to our Subscription Data collection, Genealogy Today offers a cost-effective on-premise access (OPA) service. Your patrons will be able to access the collection via either GenealogyToday.com or LiveRoots.com from within your library. We currently do NOT offer remote access for groups.

Unlimited access to the database is provided through the use of IP authentication; meaning your patrons will not be required to "login" when using the computers within your facility (that are within the IP address range that you will provide). All database access is tracked, and monthly statistics are available.

When your patrons access a database record, in the "About Your Subscription:" section below the record, they will see a message "On-Premise Access (OPA) to this database has been provided by ..." along with your organization's name, hyperlinked to your web site.

There is no difference in the functionality of our web site when a patron accesses it from your facility; there are no special links required; and they may use any feature/service available. Cookies are not required for On-Premise Access of the Subscription Data; however, they are utilized for other features/services on our web site.

This service is sold based on the number of computers that provide your patrons with access to the Internet within your facility. Our fee calculation takes into consideration that access to our service will likely occur on limited number of computers within your facility.

Cost Calculator Number of Computers:   Annual Cost: $ USD

We take care of the entire setup. All you need to do is send us the following information:

  • Organization name and address (street, city, state, zip),
  • Number of computers (with Internet access, excluding staff-only equipment)
  • Organization phone and fax numbers,
  • Contact name and email address, (for access to monthly statistics)
  • Your organization's Web site address (URL), (for back-linking)
  • The IP address range of your facility*.
  • Preferred payment method (invoice or pre-payment).

We offer a no-obligation, complimentary two-month trial for any organization interested in providing access to the Genealogy Today Subscription Data collection to their patrons. If you wish to subscribe without a trial, we'll add two-months to your initial subscription period.

Complete, print and mail the OPA application form to the address on the form. The form is also available in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format.


For problems accessing our database from within a library, please run the On-Premise Access Check and contact us with the results.

*There are no additional fees for having multiple facilities.

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