Free Genealogy Database Access

Genealogy can be an expensive hobby; especially with multiple database vendors all offering different information. To help those visitors who are unable to afford to pay for access to the Genealogy Today Subscription Data collection, we now offer a no-cost alternative.

To get one month of free access to the Genealogy Today Subscription Data collection, simply do the following:

1. Register for a free account and then
2. Utilize any of the web site's free services.
3. Accummulate 5 genCredits.

The more often you visit and use the site, the more credit you'll earn towards free access.

As you use the site's features, you'll earn experience points (XP). You'll quickly see the XP accummulate, and your membership level will increase. With each new level you achieve, you'll earn genCredits that can be redeemed for free access.

What kinds of activities give you XP? You can sign up for The Genealogy News service, or follow surnames with our Surname Tracker, and/or tell your friends (using online forms) about the web site or either of these services. Purchases made in our gifts and supplies store also receive XP and genCredits.

Another way to earn credits is to contribute materials to the web site.

Anyone may participate in this program, and even if you have paid for a subscription, you can redeem genCredits to extend your access. There are no expiration dates for genCredits, so there's no rush to collect/redeem them. Just use the site at whatever pace you're comfortable with and you'll be earning credit towards free access.

Already a member? Already registered with some of these services? Don't worry, we retroactively granted XP and genCredits when we launched this new member benefit. Login and discover your genCredit balance.

We will continue to add additional XP earning features on the web site. Members can review details of the free access benefit at any time from their Account page (click the "What's This?" link).

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